Come meet the stars while safe at home!

We'll wave now, and hug later!


We've moved from a private dining room at Sardi's to our own private Zoom Room!

Broadway stars invite you to join them in their own homes! First, you'll hear their stories about their Broadway debut, onstage mishaps, staying motivated while staying home, and more!

Then, you'll be able to ask your question "face to face," so come prepared! At Broadway Fantasy Camp, you don't have to struggle for your questions to be seen in the chat of a livestream. Broadway Banter sessions are about an hour and are
limited to 50 guests!

During these challenging times, Broadway Fantasy Camp invites hospital workers to enjoy one of our experiences. For every 25 tickets sold, a free ticket will be donated to a hospital worker on the frontlines of the pandemic. Hospital workers: click here to let us know if you'd like to be our guest at an upcoming Broadway Banter!




Laura's message to you: In the midst of this unprecedented time, I am so grateful we are getting creative with ways to stay connected! I can’t wait to spend the afternoon with fellow Broadway-lovers and theater-goers at our Broadway Banter session. I think Broadway Fantasy Camp is finding some of my old YouTube videos, so we’ll all be surprised together! We are all missing Broadway and I know this conversation will be nostalgic, inspiring, and entertaining!

Telly Leung Headshot.png

Telly's message to you: Good morning! Wake up with me! We'll wear PJ's, drink coffee, chat. I'll take questions. Maybe I'll start my day with a song for you all. Socially distant doesn't mean we have to be socially disconnected - and I look forward to hanging out with you and seeing how you are during these interesting times! (And for my friends in Asia, this will be "good night" instead of "good morning").

$5 from every ticket sold to Telly's session will go directly to the BC/EFA COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

Jenna Leigh Green Headshot.png

Jenna Leigh Green: Wednesday, June 3 at 2:00pm EDT
(Wicked, "Sabrina the Teenage Witch")

Jenna's message to you: With over 20 years of professional experience as an actress, I am so excited to be able to connect with all of you and share advice, stories, encouragement, and a little humor to help guide this beautiful new generation of artists during this new time.

Santiono Fontana Headshot.png

Santino Fontana: Wednesday, June 3 at 5:00pm EDT
(Tony Award Winner; Tootsie, Hello Dolly!, voice of Hans in Disney's Frozen, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)

Santino's message to you: It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere – I’m excited to have cocktail/mocktails with you while we visit in the Broadway Fantasy Camp Zoom Room! Who knows, maybe I’ll sing a few bars, maybe you’ll hear a baby crying in the background... But no matter what, it will be great to have some face-to-face time with all of you and share some laughs!

Jenn Colella Headshot.png

Jenn's message to you: I'm looking forward to creating a community through Broadway Banter.  This is not just a Q&A session... I want to hear the voices of my fans, expressing how they are feeling during this time and what they can do to stay creative. I want us to create a dialogue together to lift one another up in this very strange time. This opportunity to "hang out" with my fans, and for them to get to know one another, makes my heart soar.

Lilli Cooper Headshot.png

Lilli's message to you: Join me for a great convo to kick off the weekend. Come for the stories and laughs, and stay for the pups!

Chilina Kennedy Headshot.png

Chilina Kennedy: Saturday, June 6 at 2:00pm EDT
(Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, The Band's Visit, Mamma Mia!, Jesus Christ Superstar)

Chilina's message to you: I am excited to spend some intimate time with theatre fans who want to  hear stories, ask questions  and engage in discussions they are passionate about. Let’s have a fun and positive way to engage with each other in this unprecedented time.

Lesli Margherita Headshot.png

Lesli Margherita: Saturday, June 6 at 2:00pm EDT
(Olivier Award winner; Matilda the Musical, Zorro the Musical, Emojiland; Dames at Sea)

Lesli's message to you: This is a crazy nutso time, but I'm a little crazy nutso too, as you know! Join me for a no holds barred, 149% honest conversation. Ask me anything – I don't understand the value in sugar coating…unless I can eat it: then yes, sugar coat away. We are all going through something now, so why not do it together. BONUS- its TONY weekend!!! Let's cry and talk about the season that is on hold. I won't have washed my hair, so don't worry- you don't need to either!

Karla Garcia Headshot.png

Karla Garcia: Saturday, June 13 at 5:00pm EDT
(Hamilton, NBC's SMASH, West Side Story, Wicked)

Karla's message to you: Come hang with me – we'll take a break from the dancing and talk for a while!  I’d love to see you in the Broadway Fantasy Camp Zoom Room.

Corey Cott headshot.png

Corey's message to you: While, I'm sheltering with my family in Pennsylvania, I'd love to meet you,  We can chat about backstage shenanigans, my new Fox show coming this fall - which I’m excited about, how we're staying sane during quarantine, and more. I want to know what you're excited about!


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