Camper Testimonials


Frances from Virginia:
“What a great experience! I have not done anything in a public forum since I was a kid, and yet I had a great time. This is a memory for treasuring. It brought tears of joy to my eyes at times. Thanks to all for making this a delightful experience! I loved it, loved doing it, loved accomplishing something I didn’t think I could do, and made it to the finish line.”

Alexis from New York:
“I’m still on Cloud 9 from my Broadway Fantasy Camp experience. It was an incredible special day that will stay with me always. We’re treated as professionals even though we aren’t. You and your team did such a brilliant job!”

Amy from California:
“What a memorable experience! Truly LOVED everyone and everything. Enjoyed most “listening” to those working on Broadway every day! A memory for a lifetime.”

Nancy from New York:
“This was one fantastic experience. The chance to be a part of a true theatrical experience – for theatre lovers it’s an extraordinary opportunity.”

Charlotte from Missouri:
“The whole experience was terrific. I loved every minute of it.”

Norma from New York:
“I felt that the experience was delightful! I found everyone to be extremely friendly, patient, and knowledgeable.”

David from Washington DC:
“I had a fabulous time, learned a great deal, and gained a lot more confidence especially in area of dance and vocal performance. I feel strongly enriched by this experience.”

Sydney from Ohio:
“An experience I will never forget. I loved the day and sincerely hope I can do this again in the future!”

Carole from New Jersey:
“It was an authentic experience with professionals guiding you every step of the way. It was a supportive environment and we made wonderful memories for a lifetime. It was better than I had even imagined! I felt like a Broadway performer for a day.”

Deanna from Texas:
“Wow! We could not have loved our Broadway Fantasy Camp any more! The staff arranged a unique and personalized camp for our family and it was perfect. For us, it was Broadway FANtastic Camp! It was the highlight of our New York trip. Broadway Fantasy Camp delivers! Thank you so much! We really, really, really had a wonderful time at Broadway Fantasy Camp and we love everything you did for us. We so appreciate it and we haven’t stopped talking about it!”